21 year old living in manchester, uk. lover of photographs, cats and france.
i got a photo blog to try and stop my obsession of looking at pictures of cats/attractive celebrities/ being generally unproductive

Hi Rosie, I just found your work by looking through modelmayhem and finding a model you shot with for the thunderegg lookbook. I love that series you photographed. I just wanted to contact you for a little advice really! I'm more of a fine art photographer and have been shooting self-portraits for a few years but I'm looking to get more into shooting girls and a bit of editorial stuff, I just wondered how you got in to it and shooting lookbooks? Thanks for your time! Leanne

Hello! Aw thank you! Well since I began photography, I’ve solely been interested in shooting portraiture and fashion so it’s kind of developed from there. I guess I just started taking photos of friends and built a small portfolio and then started using model mayhem and asking random people if they were interested in being photographed! With that lookbook, it’s actually for a shop which I work at part time whilst I’m at uni so that was a great opportunity. But yeah, I’d just say build up a portfolio of photographing friends/anyone willing to be photographed and then maybe email small clothing companies offering to photograph their clothing for free to start with and go from there :) good luck!


Storyville Portrait by E.J. Bellocq, 1912

thom yorke (by milk-is-love)

À ma sœur (2001) - Catherine Breillat
« J‘ai mis mon coeur à pourrir sur le bord de la fenêtreJ’ai confiance en l’avenir, les corbeaux viendront peut-êtreDe leur bec jaune et pointu, ils ont de quoi se repaitrede ce bout de viande crue dont vous vous croyez le maître… »